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With Essec Vintage Tasting, we have set ourselves the challenge of creating a new type of student wine tasting competition. Our goal is to honour the evolution of wines through the organisation of original events, held in a symbolic place of the French heritage, which values perfectly meet the ones we wish to promote: excellency, boldness, pleasureThe theme of Essec Vintage Tasting is dedicated to History and Wine, which is at the heart of the general culture questions as well as the blind tasting exercises. 

The contest welcomes about fifteen teams of students coming from prestigious schools around the globe. In particular, it will be a chance for students from schools distinguished for their excellence to share their common passion… because in the end, Elyxir is here  for the pleasure of wine!

Edition 2018

The First Edition of Essec Vintage Tasting took place on the 9th April 2018 in Chambord. The institution naturally welcomed our oenology contest as far as it transplanted five years ago some Romorantin vines, a variety of grape dated François Ier period.

The jury, formed by Gabrielle Vizzavona, Pascal Leonetti, Michel Drappier et Pascal Thévard, has drawn out the fourteen teams of students coming from the best French and international universities. Oxford University won the contest.

Tasting events occured on a serie of six white wines and a serie of six red wines. There were also general knowledge questions. The three finalists then challenged each other on blind tasting events. They had the opportunity to taste a Corton-Charlemagne from Chanson or else a Pavillon Rouge from Château Margaux.

The contest took place under the label of culture and discovery: artistic performances accompanied the cocktails and French gastronomy magicians contributed to the meal offered to the candidates.

Essec Vintage Tasting’s First Edition was a success! We were glad to welcome all the students within the prestigious Château de Chambord. We thank again our partners for their meaningful help.

Some pictures of the contest:

A unique place

Chambord is today an emblem of the French Renaissance for Europe and the rest of the world, recognized as a real landmark of architecture, built after the request of King François Ier, an art and hunting lover. The castle’s unique and enchanting atmosphere can be felt immediately once having entered the domain, gone through the forest, can be felt when we face such an extraordinary architecture imagined by François Ier and upon which lingers the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci. When visiting Chambord, we go back in time through 500 years of French History in just a few hours…



To discover more about Chambord, click here.



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The association

Our association is centered around our Love for wine and our motto: Culture, Civilisation, Refinement. It celebrates those values through four main types of activities: 45 wines tasting events on the ESSEC Campus in Cergy, 7 week-ends organised in the French vineyards, the participation to student wine tasting contests, the organisation of Essec Vintage Tasting… ELYXIR is a dynamic association, which constantly comes up with new projects. Lastly, we must not forget that ELYXIR is here for the pleasure of wine!

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